What Is Custom Model Building?

Lego Star Wars

There are a lot of people out there that like going to stores and picking out one of those model kits that they like and simply build it and stick it on their shelf but are there many people out there that have all kinds of parts and build them to their liking? Well of course there are and this is what is known as custom model building.

Where Does This Occur?

It would seem that most of this occurs in the film industry and this is because they need model kits for all kinds of things and the problem is you cannot simply go out to a store and buy the kind of thing that they are after. Could you imagine what movies would be like if they were simply limited to packs that you could get in stores, all of the Sci-Fi movies would look identical, certainly the older ones anyway!

Film companies will often have the opportunity to have access to all kinds of parts and pieces and it is these that they use to put together the massive models featured in movies. Helicopters are created with RC helicopters and the same goes for things like RC aircraft. On many old films you can really tell that the things they are using are models but with more recent technology it can be very hard to tell the difference between models, CGI and real life.

Of course on top of this you will see a lot of people that just build up various things for a bit of fun. The best examples of these actually come from Hornby train sets and things like this because people build up the sets to go around the track and some of these really do look fantastic.

There are people that collect much of same thing to build up a collection like the video at the top of the post!

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