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Well when first hit the mainstream market in the 60s it has to be said that they were mainly about getting together as a family and building whatever model you actually bought but things have changes a lot since then.

It would seem that after people realised that a lot of these model kits were kind of the same thing they had started to get a bit bored with it all and this meant that the industry started to see a fall in the sales of their model kits but it all changed when something big happened. This is until major television programmes such as Star Trek which was first released in 1966 started to ship model kits to stores. Because the fans felt so strongly about the franchise they actually would always rush out to buy the newest models. On top of this it would seem that when other franchises came along such as Star Wars, more and more people started to get interested in model kits.

Has Sci-Fi Saved Model Kits?

I think that it is more than true to say that without selling many Sci-Fi model kits there would be no way that some model companies would still be around today. Although there is nothing wrong at all with people actually going out and getting models from their favourite Sci-Fi flicks, what happened to building model ships?.

Now there are all kinds of models around that are out there because of Sci-Fi franchises. Even big companies like Lego are finding themselves to be doing things like this and even though they do not want too they are selling best.