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This is until one of my uncle’s actually popped round with his entire collection and decided that it would be a great idea to assemble a track so we did and there were corners all over the place and the track went around every room in the downstairs area.

If you are not sure what Scalextric is then it is basically just slot car racing which is of course racing small cars that are powered by grooves or “slots” within the track itself. The user of the car will actually control the small model using just one button, squeezing hard for fast and soft for slow. Usually the tracks come as sets but you can mostly combine different tracks as we did to make a massive track.

Many people feel that Scalextric is actually a pretty boring thing to do but if you don’t get one of the simply circle tracks you can actually find that you will have a lot of fun with the stuff. The more corners, bridges and twists you have in the track the harder it is to successfully race without falling off so bare this in mind.. Once you go around a very tight corner you are going to have to slow down or you are off.

Although many people think that racing Scalextric cars are a bit of thing to do if you are kids this really is not the case and to have a proper race with them takes a lot of skill indeed.

For The Skilled

If you are used to RC Vehicles then have a look at getting a RC helicopter, it is the one for people with experience. The reason that these are so hard to learn how to use is because they behave in the same way as the real things, it is best to have training with these. If this is something you do not have you will be throwing away money when you crash it like I did.

For The War Heroes

The tank is the one for the people that love to have a bit of power. The tanks actually move like the real thing and they can even fire, its pretty cool.

For Fun

The great thing about these is that you can start off cheap and small and then slowly as you get better you can start to spend more money on them. Once you get to the really expensive ones nearly every single part within them can be customised to your liking.

If money is something you have a lot of then why not think about buying a few of them and just having a huge battle with some friends. It is really up to you when it comes to what you go after, do not forget the other options that are out there such as blimps and boats

So many people think that Sci-fi models like the Dr Who ones and models such as Star Wars and comic book ones are really geeky but is this true or something that is just ignorant?

The Models

If you take a closer look at some of the fantastic models out there you will see exactly why people buy them. When you look into some of the detail on these models there is no doubt that a lot of work has gone into it.

The makers of these models really spare not cost when they are making the models themselves. They look at all of the initial plans for the vehicles from the creators and it will take close look at the drawings and the images from the films and then they will work hard to make the model the best it can be.

It is certainly true to say that models can be a bit geeky but this is only if you are filling up rooms full of them and you do not ever open them. If you like to have a couple of models from your favourite movies then I really cannot see a problem with this at all. Surely these people are often just jealous and simply call these people geeks because they have very rare and expensive models. How about something like a light up with sounds Back To The Future car, that is certainly awesome. 88 MILES PER HOUR MARTY!